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Welcome to Cheat at  Our site is designed to help beginner and expert Texas hold'em players become better poker players and increase their winnings.  Even an expert texas hold'em player can always use new tips and strategies.  This site is dedicated to having the newest poker strategies and information. We update our site daily to provide our users with the most current information to help you win more!

How do I start winning at Texas hold'em?

1 -Learn the basics of texas hold'em by reading the Intro to texas hold'em page.  Don't forget to join the Forum for advanced strategy tips.  The forum is completely free, we only ask that you register at our site.  Click here to go to the forum.

2 -Review the information available at this site. You may know a lot of what is written already, but you will probably pick up a tip or two after using our charts, calculators and guides:

Game/Player Types : describes different types of players and games.

Starting Hands Guide : details your options when you receive your starting hands.

Odds Chart : helps in determining the probability that you will hit a winning hand based upon your starting hand.

Pot Odds Calculator : Calculate your chances to win when you get your starting hand and each time the community cards are revealed.
Bookmark the important pages so you can use them when you play.

3 -Check out our Beat the rake page for tips and strategies on how to beat the online casino rakes.  The rake is a portion of your winnings that the online casinos charge for the hosting and maintainance of their poker rooms.  We can teach you how to "Beat the Rake" and also learn how to get bonus money from the online casions.

4 -Review our How to play online page and choose where you want to play.  We have reviewed many poker rooms at this site and have included only the top online poker rooms. This information is updated daily to give our users the most current information on poker room bonuses and offers.
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